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NY Not Rankled by Slow Stretch


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:nya: New York Still Sees S73 Potential :nya:



New York, NY -- Early on in the season, the New York Americans were the bees’ knees. Sitting on top of the league by eight points at one point, the team that often has started out behind was cruising towards a potential first seed in the playoffs.


However, over the past couple of weeks, the wheels have started to come off. That lead has more than evaporated, with New York now a point behind Helsinki at the top of the league (albeit with a game in hand), and just one point ahead of Seattle for first place in North America. While the team should still win its division (Toronto is 12 points behind in second), falling into a potential 2-3 matchup in the playoffs against either Seattle or Calgary would be tough.


So what went wrong? To hear defenseman Lance Flowers tell it, it’s a confluence of factors. While Americans like Acyd Burn and A Red Guy are great, the world-beating starts they got off to were a bit unsustainable. Meanwhile, teams like Helsinki and Seattle went on long win streaks that may be unsustainable themselves.


All told, Flowers sounds like he isn’t terribly worried. He believes that the Americans have the talent to have the top record in the league.


“And even if we don’t, that’s OK. It’s all about building towards the playoffs,” Flowers said. “Last season was our first real shot at a title, and we learned a lot. This year we’re even more hungry, and we know what we’re doing. If we’re going to experiment, now’s the time.”

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