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When Kris Rice retires who is Ricer13 going to create?


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Kris Rice


Ricer13 is currently in his sixth season with player Kris Rice and is a few seasons from retiring. Kris Rice is his first generation player and Ricer wanted to experience being a top scoring forward. He started his career as a winger and during his time in the M and the first couple seasons in Calgary he remained at the winger position. Kris Rice then switched to the centre position because of Calgary’s needs and has been fairly successful with the switch so far since making the change. While Ricer has enjoyed his time so far with Kris Rice he has spent a lot of time thinking about what comes after Kris Rice.




Ricer is a fan of the forward position but respects the defensive part of the game more than any other. This is why when he recreates after Kris Rice retires it will be as a defensemen. Ricer plans on creating a high flying offensive defensemen who if you don’t have your head up will take advantage of you in a hurry and lay a big hit. He is going to be a team first player who will likely drop the mitts of you rub him or his teammates the wrong way. 

The Name


Recreating isn’t all about position or build you have to have a sick name to go along with it. Well let me tell you that Ricer is absolutely terrible when it comes to picking original names. His recreate will most likely be a spin off of his current player Kris Rice’ name. You might see something like Kristoph Ricerov, Kristopher Ricinski or maybe he will go off the board with something creative but that is very unlikely. His play is going to have to create his stardom because I can guarantee the name will be a bust.


The Render


This has to be one of the most important decisions a player can make. Who’s face will you use to represent the player you’ve created. There are so many great options to choose from you might want to select a veteran player such as Drew Doughty or Erik Karlsson but maybe you decide to take the youthful approach and choose up and comer studs like Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar. Well as a matter of fact that is exactly what Ricer plans to do as his recreate will be represented by one of the most talented young defensemen to play the game. Quinn Hughes will be the face of Ricer’s recreate when the time comes.




Though Kris Rice will be around for a couple more seasons you best know that Ricer is already planning what weapon he’s going to pull out of his arsenal next. He wants to surpass the limited success of Kris Rice and create something special. A player who may one day look back and be able to read their name out loud in the VHL history books. Perhaps he will get the opportunity to stand next to some past legends in the VHL Hall of Fame.


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