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No More Encarnacion Players For Tagger After His Current Player


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So with the theme week being about future players, I’ll use this article to talk about the plans that I have for my next player. Just a pre-warning though to take this article with a grain of salt as I “committed” to several different player ideas for my current player before I went with Edwin THE Encarnacion. Said ideas included the Sentient 120 page A5 Notepad (a notepad who wound up being signed to a hockey team with all my media being done in the form of Amazon Reviews), Pcmeavjis N (what was going to be my second attempt at a random player after the underwhelming Aackckqz Ky) and Russias Greatest Love Machine (an ode to the Boney M song Rasputin which is a certified banger and yes I know there should be an apostrophe but 30 character limit). However, I feel pretty confident that, if I am to make a player after THE Encarnacion, this is the direction that I would go with it.




Edwin THE Encarnacion will be the final Encarnacion


It’s been a hell of a run which has seen five players spanning over half of the league’s existence share a name and backstory, but as the title of this media states, Edwin THE Encarnacion will be the player that closes the book on the Encarnacion saga. While I’ve enjoyed the different paths each of the Encarnacion’s  have taken, whether it be Encarnacion’s PIM obsession, Threencarnacion’s all-time leading save percentage as the world’s greatest backup goalie or Reencarnacion and Preencarnacion being actually very good, but I think it’s time to move away to a new story now. Hopefully the transition will be more like when the Killzone developers went and made Horizon: Zero Dawn rather than when the Mass Effect crew went and made Anthem.


This player will not have any carryover


This might sound a bit odd given that my player currently has more than enough TPE even now to warrant a boatload of carryover but it will make more sense once you continue on into the article. On this topic though, this will make this player my first player to start with 30 TPE (if I create later, I’ll be forgoing any catch-up PT allowance) when I’ve had the option to use carryover available to me. It will certainly be a challenge to get out of the VHLM when I’m essentially starting from scratch, but I think this is the least of my worries given the next point…


I will not earn any TPE until after my VHL Draft


Yep, I’m going to be starting my eight seasons of eligibility with the base 30 TPE and see how high I quickly I can climb up into the VHL and whether I can make a legitimate challenge for awards given my starting point. I took the influence of this from the league’s former simmer and HOF builder JardyB10 and his first player Jardy Bunclewirth. Bunclewirth was selected in the third and final round of the Season 16 VHL Draft with only 12 TPE to his name (for comparison, the leading TPE player in that draft class had 191 TPE) but overcame the odds and wound up winning three continental cups along with being inducted into the Hall of Fame for players. Given that this was in a very different era of the VHL (one that had only half of the number of teams that we currently possess), I’m interested to see if I can even come close to repeating the same feats that Jardy achieved with Bunclewirth. But what about my VHLM team that selects me? Will I be screwing them over? Well no, because…


I will not be signing with a VHLM team until after the VHL Draft


So as to not screw over any of the teams in the VHLM, I will not be signing a contract offer with a VHLM team until after I have granted myself the ability to earn TPE. I’ll still be spending plenty of time down in the VHLM I imagine (especially given the current 250 TPE cap for the VHLM as opposed to the 200 and 175 I had to overtake with my previous players) so it won’t be like I’m ignoring the VHLM, I’ll just be there at a different point of my career than the norm. But the player will be evident by my member name right? Well…


This player will not be created under the Tagger username


Yep, just like Persona 5’s battle theme Last Surprise says:


I’m going undercover with a completely new username with zero rep ready to take the league by storm! I wonder how easy it will be for people to catch on to which username and player will be mine, but I figure I may as well bring an element of surprise to the mix. Hell, maybe a GM will super-sleuth it like a Town of Salem game and take a punt on a player in the final round of the draft that they believe is mine rather than waiting for Free Agency to snap me up?




Obviously these are all a ways off as I’ll definitely be playing eight seasons with THE Encarnacion (so creation would be trade deadline of Season 77 at the earliest) and there’s no guarantee that I make this player immediately after THE Encarnacion, but this certainly gives me a challenge to look forward to!

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@Tagger unless you plan on appearing inactive and then signing as undrafted FA, I don't the anon plan will work lol. Might be better just to create days before the VHL draft and declare into it (i.e. this off-season you'd declare into S74 vs. staying in S75), that way you can also play in the M right away.

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1 hour ago, Peace said:

Shame the GMs who have access to check IPs will abuse that anyway. ?

I’d planned on using a proxy server at least until being signed so that should at least prevent any advantages from occurring

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