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Kotone Shiomi (Emi's Next Player)


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Player Info:
First Name: Kotone
Last Name: Shiomi
Nickname: Dazzling Demon
Age: 17
Nationality: Japanese
Home Town: Tokyo

Hockey Info:

Position: Goalie
Height: 183 cm (6'1")
Weight: 57kg (9st)
Jersey Number: #35
Youth Team: Tokyo Junior Katanas (Buffalo Sabers Joke)


She started playing in the Youth set up for the Tokyo Katanas at the age of six. Originally she joined the team as a defender but had to change during her second season with the team. This is due to the fact the team's starting netminder (Rin Kagamine) had to leave due to relocating with their family and they did not have someone to relace them at the time. Kotone was a bottom pairing defender at the time and as a result she decided that she might give it a go in the net. Her first set of equipment was second hand and found around Tokyo.




From the age of eleven onwards she was the starting netmind for the team. it was at this point she met her future friend center Ren Amamiya. They both played together on multiple cup winning teams until Amamiya had been scouted & signing for Jokerit. At the time they looked to bring over both Kotone and Ren but this was not something that interested Kotene. The reason she did not want to leave Tokyo was due to the fact she was worried that she would not get the same amount of playing time. She kept playing for the Junior Katanas till her sixteenth birthday when she joined the major team.




During this time she was also an academic darling and was considered one of the best in the country. She had the option to either go to a prestigous school or continue to play ice hockey.



Kontone made history when she started playing in the AL (Asian ice Hockey League) at the age of sixteen years old. This made her the youngest netminder in the league and first female to play in the league. She entered the league as a back up for the Tokyo Katanas. During her first season with the Katanas she had a very good showing but she was playing as a back up. In the next season when she just turned seventeen the Katanas decided to not re-sign their starting netminder and wanted to go into the next season with Kotone as the starting keeper.
It was around this time a scout from the VHLM decided to come watch her play. She had been given the spotlight due the VHL expanding to Japan.

In her final season in the AL she put up a stat line of 27 win in 30 games and a Goals Against average of 1.73 and a save percentage of 0.937%. These numbers made her among the best in the division as she went on to win the goalkeeper of the year and League's most valuable player.




It was after this season she decided to declare for the upcoming the VHLM draft. She does not really care where she ends up but she does hope that when she is drafted into the VHL she can become the Netminder for the newly formed Kashima Kitsune!


As she was entering the stadium to sit in the stands for the VHLM draft she was able to speak to the manager of the Kashima Kitsune and it seems the interest was mutural!  


Words: 560


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4 minutes ago, der meister said:

Always down for a Sabres / Katanas joke


i managed to find Kotone with a goalie stick which was something i didn't expect xD so i guess it is decided i become a netminder next player xD

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