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My next character will be..

lil OG z

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After thinking it over ans reminiscing about my old players in all simulation leagues, online or offline, probably going to end up being a goaltender or center. Here's some of the reasons why




The only position you get leaned on by the whole team, specially with the lack of people in this position. You either have an amazing time or get frustrated and you cant do anything about it really, just continue to upgrade or hope for the boys to pull through. You do get a lot of props and stars though so statistics will always be interesting


I played goalie three times before, used my real name and was on a team called the Providence Puffins and another time in the same league on the Michigan Superiors but I was the General Manager. Won a championship with my first team, second time around after many seasons didn't go so well, we did make the playoffs though. Last team I was on didn't go anywhere and before games were posted the league stopped, it was owned by the Prague Phantoms current GM, diamond underscore mother fucking ace, the Pittsburgh Paladins. An empty arena made Mogens Gregersen flea back home, jobless.. That's why I wanna make a danish player. Been another couple of years now so I'd definitely consider it, don't know a thing about how to build a net minder.. Will most likely need help and the right team or things could go downhill quickly


League needs all the net minders and noticed nobody has a back up and wouldn't mind doing that, adds to the fun if you can switch it up against rivals, teams you got plumbed by or giving your starter a break against weaker teams or on the road. Makes me want to be a one just to help the league out


What I'd go for would be a big European from Denmark, maybe have a family history already or begin one. Gotta have rebounding and my crease covered so I would be a butterfly style kind of guy, hopefully my teammates sacrifice themselves to block high risers. Even if I come close to the cap I'm going to stay in the VHLM as long as possible so I have the skill to make the VHL as the next Carey Price


After all the net seems like a smooth ride to success if everything goes right paired with my activity, I can be that reliable, open to any location goaltender that gets involved in locker room chat. Can see myself playing the full 7 seasons for the total games played





Again another position you get focused on more and possibly sacrifice some skill for faceoffs. You'll always be involved in the play and earn more ice-time for the responsibility given,you also get to play with almost the full team which gives you more chances to get a point or any other stat


Played this position twice and long before I strapped the pads on.. played for a team in Mississauga, the Reds and whenever I started being a manager, wasn't very good but it was my first time getting more involved and eventually started changing things up every season after that so my team didn't have any holes. Let's just say the whole time playing center was disappointing and had bad luck making a difference, was very new to builds and the league switched to STHS halfway through their existence


Don't think the VHL or VHLM really needs this position and if a winger learns how to take draws you might be out of a top line spot, although being a center is important it takes somebody dedicated to excel at their game and fill the voids needed, sure more planning comes with this role


Gotta go with a grinding-type kind of like Mike Fisher, hard nosed and fueled to go any length of minutes, I'll be a hard hitting, speed demon with an accurate shot. This will be my guy I create after the deadline to earn more TPE before the draft. Depending on my team who knows if I retire early like my previous player Ryan Busser or go all the way, I'll leave this up to fate and circumstances


I'm actually not sure how my career will turn out, could be a 1st liner or penalty kill specialist, all I know is I'm going to try something new and go against the grain because I'll have so many tools to use at middle ice and want to stick out from the rest




At the end of this article both types of characters I haven't been in a while, success or not, the decision is still hard. What do you guys think





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