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The next player of the Peace player agency.


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So the theme week is upon us, right? This time the staff team is enticing each member to discuss their own VHL recreates, or the ability to write about another users potential recreate -- among a few other things, it seems. Obviously I'm going to talk about mine, and generally I feel like it isn't hard to see I'm not overly unique in any way, unlike some of the names and builds around here on VHL currently or in the past. With Rylan Peace, I chose a random first name and added my last name, which certainly isn't really anything special -- well, I suppose other than the fact that it's not wise to do in terms of cyber security.


Sum it up though? Nothing really fancy, no deep thought about it, so when it came to Erik Killinger I took a last name from a character in the novel I'm writing (and have rewritten a few times) instead of defaulting to 'Peace Jr', in fact I think it's more likely than not I won't use the Peace surname again.


That's all there is too it, really.

I plan on doing it again, but this time a full character in the story I've been working on. 

Sierra Klix

In my story, she's the daughter of the third highest ranking naval officer within the Canadian Exo-atmospheric Navy, and turns into a moderately stuck up individual after joining the 'fleet' straight from her naval academy graduation... obviously all strings pulled by her father in a position to do so, which turns more into her trying to proving herself outside of her fathers shadow, only to experience that it wasn't ever possible with how involved he truly was behind the scenes. Now that'll have nothing in common with the character I'll create here on VHL, with the only common variables being her gender, bio info and name.  

With Sierra Klix, I plan on testing my knowledge of STHS I've been gaining as a GM and two players so far. She'll be small as possible, weighing as realistically as you can go for a smaller frame, with the primary build being offensive in an attempt to make the hall of fame. I wanted to do that with Killinger, but I bit the bullet and swapped to D for the Toronto Legion. I don't enjoy simulating a goalie, I don't really know why, even though I enjoy playing the position in real life... so that's not on the table. With Killinger right now, I'm discovering that I'm not really enjoying my time on the blue line either, so a forward is probably what I'll mostly stick too for any recreate in my future here on VHL. 

I also want to experiment with the attributes.

I don't necessarily know what type of build I actually want, but I know this'll be my attempt to make a hall of fame player. While Killinger's career is rather early, I feel like the time has already passed on any potential building room being a S71 player with no real eye popping qualities, well until Toronto starts being a serious competitor and the production stays consistently above a point-per-game.  

I guess that's it.


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