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Lafontaine and Ryuu Reunite


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RIGA - Jacques Lafontaine and Ryuu Crimson have met before. Sure, it was a while back in Calgary and it was for a coaching session. To clarify, Ryuu Crimson did not switch to goalie and did not gain enough goalie experience to teach goalies. He was just helping him learn how a skater typically thinks. And also because Ryuu was promised a free cheeseburger from Jacques.


“Hey, I might be fairly rich but free food is free food.” Ryuu said after Lafontaine bought him a burger.


But since then, they haven’t really met up. Until one night, Jacques Lafontaine came for a road game against the Reign. Him and Ryuu happened to bump into each other in the arena and apparently, Ryuu helped the young goaltender out again.


“Well, he was good, just needed somebody to help him practice. Nobody else was at the rink, not even his teammates. Makes sense though because the dude arrived 5 hours before the game. I was there to apply for a zamboni driver job. This time though, no burgers, I bought him some real good food after. We went out to a restaurant.” Ryuu told reporters when asked about the encounter.


 Jacques Lafontaine smiled when he was asked about the same encounter. “Yeah, he just helped me out, got me some good food. Overall good time with him. And before you ask, I just mixed up the time of the game. That’s all.”

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