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Future Player Concepts From Jigs!!

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So... Because I want to claim theme week, why not talk about future VHL players that may come out from me? I've had quite a number of potential ideas I want to make a player once Jiggly Gumballs eventually retires. So why not share what I may have in store?? Some of these concepts are stuff I felt like are interesting to actually create into players, and since I think I'll be staying around for quite some time, I feel like I may get a chance to make at least 2 of these concepts into real players. So without further delay, let's get on with the fucking thing. (Also there's no particular order to any of these, I wouldn't even be surprised if I make a player that's not even mentioned here.)



Nero Claudius - LW/C



So regarding Nero, you think I'd think of a player based on the Roman Emperor? Heck no! I'm thinking of making a player that's based on a waifu that's based on the Roman Emperor. Nero is personally one of my favorite characters to come out of the Fate series, and why not stick to my weeb routes? I haven't seen too many players from Italy in the forum so I figured Nero would work really well representing Italy and my degenerate weeb taste. I often like giving my players some form of personality, and since Nero is already a canon character in her respective series, I would go for how she's depicted there. Arrogant, a bit cocky, and boastful of her pride as an Emperor of Rome. I chose to go with a winger/center is because 1) I can't really decide which one she should go for, and the fact that I want to try something new by making a forward. I could already see her becoming a huge goal scorer as someone who often prides herself in how great she is would probably like to score a lot to prove it. A forward is something I would think is a bit different compared to defensemen to which I'm more used to, and this will actually give me an opportunity to focus on a goal scorer. Sticking with the team, I think she'd be a great leader on and off the ice as well. Though I'm not sure if she'll be well liked or not.



Jean Bart - C



Sticking to the theme of European waifus that are based on other things (I swear to god this is the last), Jean Bart is another player I've thought up before. A waifu based on the Richelieu-class battleship of France, Jean Bart is a no bullshit type of person. Captain serious if you will. Another person who'd I think has great leadership abilities, she'd probably be the type to motivate a team with "Viva la France!" and all that. The French aren't well known in terms of navy during WWII so this is pretty interesting as well. Plus she's my personal main waifu where my profile pic originates from. I again chose a forward, and specifically a center for her because I feel like she can be the center of a team's offense. The one who drives plays and adds to the defense. A strong, two-way center who's hard checking and holds nothing back. Both her and Nero are things I'm considering but I ain't too keen on because Weeb taste but we'll see.



William "Willy" Reid - RW/D



So using Nathan Walker as a render, you see where I may be going. Yes, an Aussie. I can see Willy being like a sort of Milan Lucic sort of guy. Someone who plays with emotion and intensity. Except Willy will probably (and hopefully) be better than Lucic as I hope that Willy actually fucking scores. I can really see him fire up a crowd and be the type of guy who hypes everyone up. I'm thinking of making him a sort of power forward. A big heavy guy who just drives to the net and no one can stop him without taking a penalty. His large frame would also probably work for defense as well. A sort of Dustin Byfuglien type. I know for a fact that I'll probably need help on building a sort of power forward or dynamic 2-way guy. Though I'm willing to put myself up to the task if I ever make him.


Li Guoliang 李國良 - D



So this time we're going to China this time. Li to me would be a small puck moving defenseman I'd say would be similar to Quinn Hughes in terms of build but smaller. Someone who grew up in China and has since moved to like the US or something to start a new life playing pro hockey. I realize that most of these concepts aren't people from the US or Canada. Primarily because I want to stray away and make someone different, more unique. And why not make a Chinese defenseman? The only real difficulty is finding a good render since I'm using Andong Song for this one. Plus I think Li would be an interesting character to make. Someone who's recently moved to play pro learning new things everyday in the western world. Being of Asian decent and an immigrant myself, I could honestly get along with Li a lot and his experience is something I can put my own experience in (And I'm not Chinese, I'm Filipino lol).


Hans Omaicok - G



I personally have to thank Ottawa GM @DoktorFunk for this name in the Ottawa LR. So a goalie. I personally love goalies, some of my favorite are Connor Hellebuyck, Marc-Andre Fleury and Dominik Hasek. Mikhail Berdin, the player render for Hans, is one of my favorite prospects of the Jets. Heck if I actually knew how to skate, I'd want to be a goalie. So why not go for a Canadian or perhaps German (because of the name) goaltender? I personally have no idea what to prioritize in when it comes to TPE so I will need to look up and ask help for that, but I personally just love the idea of having a goalie called Hans Omaicok. I can already hear the announcers going "Omaicok what a save!" and I'd be laughing my ass off. Hans would likely be similar to Jiggly Gumballs, my current player, in terms of personality. But I think he's gonna be a fun chill guy stopping pucks and trash talking players. I honestly may make Hans post Jiggly Gumballs just because I love the name. I also love the amount of customization goalies have with their gear. Custom helmet, cool pad designs. More creativity to your gear is so much fun.



Honorable Mentions:


Before I finish this off, I wanna list a couple of names that I have some interest in making. Not as much as the ones above, but the idea is still there.


Jiggly Gumballs Jr. - D

If you can't think of an idea, why not go for the good ol' junior? I decided to make this an honorable mention because it's probably to least creative thing I can do in terms of future VHL creates. Same guy with a "Jr" added to the fucking end. Like father, like son perhaps?


Frederick Klinkhammer - D

Now this guy is a player I've made before on NHL 19. A big 6'5 200+ pound offensive defenseman with a wicked shot and can truck you when you aren't looking. He's Finnish so that's cool and all, but the only reason why I made him an honorable mention is that I want to make more unique concepts rather than reusing a player I've created on NHL 19. I think he'd be fun though.


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