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You know, I have just got started with Micah Adrienne, which I have really liked being so far. I think he has some real good history and a lot of buzz around him, that is what I like to see. But, there is one thing that is escaping me, that first overall pick. I want one of my players to go first overall in the draft. I thought I had a real chance with Adrienne, but that did not happen, as we know. I have loved my time in Vancouver so far, my first goal for Adrienne would be getting his name up in the rafters of the Wolves. We will see if he gets his name up in the lights for the VHL, but Vancouver, that will be the first goal. 


Now, what will be next? How will I get that #1 pick that has been escaping me? Well, something that I was debating doing again this time was making a goalie. I was so close to making another Finn Davison, but I decided to go defense. Next, I will be looking at going back into a goaltender. I wish I almost did it this time as I am already missing being a goalie, but it's alright. I really do not have too much of a name picked out yet, but goalie will absolutely the next player. 


When you look at the player beyond being a goalie, I have always wanted to be a scorer as well, but with everyone basically trying to do that, there is not much of a need for that. I really want to be the guy that no one wants to be. That is why I love being a defensive-defenseman with Micah Adrienne. No one wants to do the dirty work in their own zone, but that is something I have always loved to do, but I guess it's time to think about my success. Once I become the #1 overall pick, the goal will next to be in the Hall of Fame, as I am not sure Finn Davison will get in and it is way to early to see about the projection of Adrienne. I wish Finn would get in as I feel like he really deserves it. He spent a ton of time on a rebuilding team. I feel that if I was on a winning team, I would be in the Hall of Fame, but it is what it is. 


People love offensive players, so I will be making a pure scorer after that. Think of Alex Ovechkin, that is the player I will likely be trying to build. I will be really enjoying my time in the VHLM with the million points that I will be putting up. We will see where I go with each of these players, but the future is bright. I feel like I always look ahead to what I will be building next. I love goalie, so that will be soon. I will be taking name suggestions for players if anyone has any. Bonus points if it is a Taylor Swift pun. 

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