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VHLM Goalie Spotlight - Week 4

lil OG z

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GAMES 31-40



HN.png Doug Dimmadome Marlins_vCpIIA4.png

Keeping up the good work and earning himself another mention as the third best goaltender this week we see Dimmadome make similar saves that triggered DeJa Vu. Hopefully Doug invested in a mask upgrade with a built in pillow or fill his bottle with coffee because we saw only 18.4 shots against which is 4.4 less than last week and games are only getting harder, making the coaches nervous for the playoffs. Good news is the Marlins are outscoring their opponents and giving him enough time to adjust.


20GA, 8W

8-2 4/6
7-2 17/19
6-1 13/14
3-4 29/33
5-0 20/20
6-1 7/8
3-4 26/29
4-3 7/10
2-0 13/13
5-3 29/32

89.7, 2.0



US.png Drew Minott HOU.png.c63c99609f2d60f007072a351f94e169.png 

Holy hell the Bulls are on fire and Minott is benefiting from it large, he's already being an all star goalie but he keeps improving. Not many can say they won ten in a row and doing it with only two goals against the whole way is phenomenal, winning 5 of 5 games against playoff contenders, Minnesota once, Saskatoon and Miami twice. Now at 19 wins in the previous two weeks and counting because they have already won another three going into the following week. This time we see Drew drop a spot but improved his goals against average by .7 and faced around the same amount of shots from opposing team we as see him take the lead for assists


20GA, 10W

5-2 18/20
3-0 32/32
4-0 13/13
5-4 30/34
8-3 26/29
6-2 21/23
7-2 12/14
6-4 20/24
5-2 19/21
8-1 12/13

91.0, 2.0



IN.png Ajay Krishna :ott:

So far we have seen Krishna take the top spot three times and boy did he ever have a good week, has to be his best work this season and the retired all star goalies should be proud from his jaw dropping saves and highlight reel performances. Eight games we saw less than two goal against and faced 15+ shots eight different times, we wont see these results often. One thing we gotta talk about is the three shutouts recorded, poor Mexico City because two of them were against them and a total of 40 shots were turned aside in both bouts. Right now Krishna is second, one behind league leader Calvin Harvey and in the running for almost every other category 


13GA, 9W 

1-0 17/17
4-1 14/15
2-4 16/20
4-0 10/10
2-1 19/20
1-0 23/23
5-2 15/17
4-2 12/14
3-2 25/27
5-1 14/15

 93.3, 1.3


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