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Look out for America's next Hockey Phenom out of Scranton, Pennsylvania Joakim Winsalot. The young 15 year old talent  is already projected to be a top pick in the S75 VHL draft. Joakim has broken ALL( Literrally EVERY SINGLE) US-HIGH Prep School Records for Goals, Assists, Points in a season as well as most career Points, Goals and Assists by any US-HIGH Prep School EVER throughout his three season playing HS as an 8th Grader playing on the Senior team to most recently as a sophomore in only the 10th grade with another three seasons of HS eligibility. The season that recently came to an end where Joakim shattered multiple single season records with 67 goals in 28 GP along with 57 Assists for a total of 114 Pts in 28 Regular season games with New-Hampshire Prep. Joakim was spotted at the Reapers practice this week training with the big boys on a formal invitation from AGM Spence King who is also Assistant Director of VSN Scouting has had a close eye and lots of talk with the Winsalot family over the past two years and as a local boy and this Skill level Philadelphia Reapers AGM Spence King was quoted "Joakim is a special player, His age means nothing, honestly it doesnt , he stepped on the ice with us the first time when he was 14 and the whole team in S72 fell in love with Joakims effort and I made sure not to let any player know his age , to the Reapers players he was just a small player out there fighting for a roster spot. In reality Joakim was no exaggeration outplaying Reapers Legend Bud Knight. Joakim has been in Ann Arbour since his season ended training at the  US-National Development Team Program Center with the U-20s. Joakim will be in the VHLM sooner than later and everyone should take notice NOW , and get ready for Sir Winsalot to continue his takeover. 

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