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James Rose - The Other Teams Are Of Top Quality As Well


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James Rose


London, England


Reporters from London Sports Press gather around the locker room to interview the players from the London United.


Reporter: James! James! A few questions for you regarding the World Juniors?


JR: Yeah, sure.


Reporter: You made Assistant Captain this season.  How do you think it will affect your play?


JR: Well, most of the guys are younger than me now, I've been through alot since the last tournament.  I can definitely help out the new guys a bunch.


Reporter: You'll be facing some current and past teammates and reuniting with older teammates.  How does this dynamic affect your play?


JR: Hmm, that's a loaded question.  It will be super great to play with Riley Knight Gee again, he's been lights-out great in Houston.  Jay Jones is my mate here in London so some familiar faces for sure.  The rest of the team will be new faces and that's awesome for everyone to play with top talent.  Trivium over there will be playing for Team World, along with former Houston mate Jiggly Gumballs, another former mate Patrik Laine and next years projected starter here Nils Friedriksen are playing for Europe, Krestanovich will be repping USA and Volchenkov returning to my former Team Asia.  It sure will be a fun time, taking some jabs and playing for those bragging rights, plus that delicious trophy for sure.


Reporter: Team Canada is projected to take home a win.  Why do you think that is?


JR: GM Dakota Lamb sure assembled a powerful team, so if it's to put extra pressure on us, then I'm always down for elevated challenges.  We have to work our asses off to get results, they won't come easily, since the other teams are of top quality as well.


Reporter: Thanks for your time James...


JR: Always a pleasure, always root for London, always stay United


Mentions: @KnightRiley@der meister@TTtheT@JigglyGumballs@PatrikLaine@Boragina@SirRupertBarnes@dlamb@Biggreen10

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