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3 potential future prospects for the McWolf agency


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I've done the big two-way defenseman with Joseph McWolf. I'm currently doing an experimental high discipline all-around build with SS Hornet. That still leaves a lot to cover if I want to re-invent myself with my next gen player - or if I want to repeat previous success. Here are three ideas for player names and build I could do in the future.



Abigail McWolf

Defenseman, United Kingdom

Comparable: Jospeh McWolf


Joseph McWolf was one of the best defensemen in the VHL for about 6 or 7 seasons. He pretty much placed top 10 in points by defensemen, hits and shots blocked. Not that I don't enjoy SS Hornet's career so far, but it's been a pretty different experience. With McWolf, I had something to cheer for day in day out. I'm not sure he had double-digits games where he didn't get a single point, hit or shot blocked, so there was pretty always something in the boxscores to make me happy when I checked them. Hornet has been more hit or missed. Forwards don't get many shots blocked, and a high-discipline build means he barely ever hits. If he doesn't appear on the scoresheet 3 or 4 games in a row, that's 2 straight sims with nothing to celebrate from a personal point of view.


My next player could be a comeback to my own VHL roots, with none other than Joseph McWolf's daughter, Abigail. I doubt AMW would enjoy the same success he did now that we are back in a more high-scoring era with the expansion, but said expansion would give her the opportunity to play in her home in London, something Joseph never could do. I'd also like to point that I waited a full generation before suggesting bringing up the Jr. to one of my former players, unlike some around who think it's ok for their players to have kids at 9 years old, given how they both join the league only 9 years apart.



Firearmet Blæksprutte

Winger, Denmark

Comparable: Randoms


After going the undisciplined way with McWolf, which he strangely got praised for in the form of two Labatte Trophies despite spending over 2 full games worth of time in the penalty box, I decided to go with a very disciplined build with SS Hornet. I wanted to see if I could create a player that would help his team more by not gifting as many powerplay opportunities to the opponents, but it came with a price: lack of checking doesn't help the team in the neutral and defensive zone as much. Firearmet Blæksprutte would be sort of the best of both worlds: A power-hitting winger. A very popular build in the last couple of seasons, the kind of guys you see drafted early in VHFL in every group, not that this part really matters, but yeah, that could be pretty fun to get in on the fun there.




Center, Hong Kong

Comparable: ???


Hey, I've never gone the meme way. SS Hornet is a fun experiment, but his build is still pretty viable. I don't know if it helps the team more than a power-forward type of build would, but it's not a meme build in anyway, it was well-thought out and he's been performing well in his first two seasons. Now, with a dumb name à la VECTOR, I could do something dumb. Do what everyone's been saying, but no one had the guts to actually do, and go all-in with Leadership and Experience. I could give him a solid base of faceoffs, strength to make him a decent center and just go apeshit with the rest of it. Who knows, we might discover some interesting stuff with him.

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1 hour ago, Quik said:

Yes, please, let's break the portal ?



would "æ" not work? could always write it "ae".


1 vote for VECTOR though

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