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The Art of War: Diet Edition! (Also WJC)


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So this version of TAoW is different. It's going to be a lot smaller, and not as long as it regularly is. A diet version if you will. There's still the Sun Tzu quotes but the pranks may be a lot more simpler and smaller than the more elaborate ones. These pranks in this diet version is more like small inconveniences. It isn't as much of a pain in the ass compared to the other ones but still pranks nonetheless.


“If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.” - Sun Tzu
Ah the world juniors, a perfect competition to bring players from both the VHL and VHLM from all over the world in order to duke it out to see which country or region is the best. Even though I'm Canadian, I wasn't selected by Team Canada. I ended up in Team World. I personally didn't take it to heart. I knew for a fact that there are many great Canadian players from there. Heck, some of my former teammates, James Rose and Riley Knight Gee were in that roster. So I knew that I was likely to not make the cut. Though what surprised me is that I ended up becoming the captain of Team World. A huge honor to actually lead the World in this competition. So as my first act as captain, I had bought myself a bunch of globes and brought them with me to London which is where the competition is being held. I then took my time placing it on every hotel room didn't have Team World roster members. A nice gift to remind them that they are eventually gonna go up against the world. The goal was simple, to confuse the players and as well as to help boost team chemistry. We represent the world, so it's only fair that I represent it in a more physical manner towards the other teams. Sadly during the first few games in the WJC, we got our ass beat in all of our games. It was humiliating but it was only the beginning. I honestly want to win this, and I'm not talking about just bronze or silver, I want it all. Now that the C is on my chest, I need to help lead this team to victory, but for now I should take small steps and get a few wins.
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