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MattyIce Representation: U17 Prospect Report


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From the desk of player agent MattyIce


I've been representing James Rose since he signed on with the Mexico City Kings in season 71.


Do you think that's the only time I had anything to do with him?


Think again...


I've actually been representing him since his second season, playing for the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada in the QMJHL.  It was his draft year, so I opted to try and get him proper representation before his name got called.  I helped him develop his game and made him attend training camps to improve quicker so he could be ready to play professional.  His name wasn't called during his second year, but his third season he made some drastic improvements to his game.  He was well on his way to get drafted pretty high, but the COVID19 pandemic hit and the season was cancelled.

He looked for alternative leagues to play for in the meantime, I found him a spot playing for Mexico City.  He expressed his interest to stay in the league as it seemed magically unaffected by the global situation.  He could travel worldwide, mingle with just about anyone and get paid very handsomely.  He waived his right to be drafted into the NHL during his first season.


So what does this have to do with me, you ask?


I've been scouting talent from the ages of 11 years old to as high as 17 years old to look for a new player to represent once Rose retires.


Since we travel together sometimes to destinations around the world, I take a peek here and there at the minor hockey programs.  When I see a good program or team, I begin to focus.  I've noticed some players with some exceptional talents.


I can list a few players that I've scouted and taken a liking to.  Some are specialists with awesome potential abilities, some are very well-rounded players with no real strengths or weaknesses, and some are project players.  I'll include some NHL comparables for good measure.


1. Sonata Diamante - C - Playmaker
He's a tall 16 year old kid with lightning speed and quick hands for his age.  He's of Japanese natonality with Italian descent, so it's an odd combination.  I don't know how that happened, I won't ask either.  For now he has a lanky frame and needs work with his faceoff and scoring ability.
Comparable: Mikko Rantanen


2. Wandamian Crucifixplate - G - Hybrid Style
14 year old Irish kid that plays with some heart.  Well-rounded ability to see plays develop well.  Comparable: John Gibson


3. Rickyticky Bobbywobbin - LW - Two Way Forward
12 year old kid with some size.  From USA, has a good chance to play in University someday.  Keeping a close eye on this kid. Comparable: TJ Oshie


4. Dadood Frumcheers - LW - Two Way Forward
15 year old from USA again, I know his father runs a bar and is a major hockey fan.  Dadood is well raised and may take over the family bar business if he doesn't get into a development program. Comparable: Jake Virtanen


5. David Krappenschitz - D - Defensive minded
Hailing from Hungary, this 15 year old teen has excellent vision in his own end and can make a great first pass to exit the defensive zone.  Needs to work on his skating tremendously.  Comparable: Michael Matheson


6. Irish O'African - D - Two Way Dman
Neither Irish or African, this young 11 year best people skates well, passes well and sees the ice very well.  His main issue is getting on the scoresheet.  Comparable: Sami Vatanen


7. Cowabunga Peppermill - RW - Sniper
This 15 year old kid from Australia can snipe very well.  His skating is lacking and has tendency to hog the puck and try to dangle around opponents, without much success.  A project player by definition.  Comparable: Jonathan Drouin


8. Ditty Doodat - LW - Playmaker
He has some serious hands and playmaking ability.  This 13 year old Canadian would be comparable to Patrick Kane, he just needs to work on his shot and skating.


9. Yanni Van Halen - C - Power Forward
Now this 16 year old youngster from Belgium has been developing a solid all around game, producing points and getting involved in the play.  He needs all around refinement if he wants to make a career out of hockey.  Comparable: Sean Monahan


10. Jabreakit Jubawdit - D - Puck Mover
A 14 year old from Lebanon, all he does is spend time chasing pucks in corners, getting physical and passing the puck safely out of the defensive zone.  His discipline from being somewhat hot-headed, his shot and his defensive positioning without the puck are lacking. Comparable: Ivan Provorov


11. Bicurious George - C - Sniper
Somewhat of shorter stature, this 17 year old from Wales has a great shot and great speed going up and down the ice.  His passing ability is fairly decent, his offensive zone awareness is severely lacking, often getting caught out of position.  Many of his goals come from weird spots, seemingly entering the net randomly.  If he can play center with strategy, he can be quite lethal.  Comparable: Brendan Perlini


12. Dick Dump - G - Butterfly style
Oh this 14 year old netminder has some moves.  He plays alot like Tim Thomas and Dominik Hasek, such that his seemingly random drop-first style makes him make very incredible saves.  Due to his smaller stature, Dump has an inconsistency with staying in position.  He either comes out too far to challenge shooters, not square to the shooter and leaves gaps and can play too deep in his own net, forcing him to use acrobatics.


Well, there's a short list of youngsters I got my eye on.  Perhaps I'll release more in another article.


Cheers VHL!



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