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Alec Volchenkov S73 WJC Interview


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Today we talk with Alec Volchenkov, Assistant Captain of Team Asia about his time in the WJC this season.

How has the tournament been for you this season now that you’re more of a veteran presence in the WJC?

”It’s been a lot different. We had a great group of guys last year but I was a bit nervous coming in and we didn’t do too well. This season has been a lot better in terms of nerves and just the mentality I’ve had coming into games. After being through all of this once I kinda know what to expect. Last season we didn’t do great so there isn’t much pressure on us so we’ve just been going out and maybe surprising a few teams too.”


After a hot start of 3 straight wins, how do you look to continue that success?

”We’re a very defensive team. If you look around at the guys we have they’re all great in our own end. If we can continue to shut down the opponents scoring chances and find a way to get a couple in the back of the net we’ll continue to win games. For now we’re just taking it one game at a time and giving it our best each night. It’s a tough schedule and we even have a back-to-back coming up but we just have to stick to the game plan and things will work out.”


Well, that’s all we have time for today. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and best of luck in the tournament!

”Thanks for having me on, cheers.”


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