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3 Future Player Builds


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For Theme Week, I’m going to talk about a few player builds that I am interested in trying. I still have a couple of more seasons with my current (and second) player, Ondrej Ohradka, a strong winger with speed and skill that excels at both ends of the ice. My first player in the early seasons was Gunnar-Rune Rorvik, a hulking hard-hitting, stay-at-home defenseman who provided more offense later in his career. There are three completely different builds that I am considering for my third player and I might choose one based on which might find a better spot in the VHL at the time or whatever sounds more fun when the time comes. Here are those builds:



Vintage Sharks: Arturs Irbe and Bloodied Red Wings


1. Small Athletic Goalie

I would base this build largely on my own skills as a road hockey goalie growing up. Not that I was super fantastic but I could hold my own. The great thing about the VHL is that we can make these players greater than we could have ever been, right? So, I’m thinking of a sub-6 foot goalie with superb reflexes and glove hand while lacking a bit in agility. He would be a puckstopper with great poise and leadership. Goalies can be tricky in the VHL and stats can be skewed largely by how good your team is and whether a starting spot is available quickly so this would be a choice that would require a close look at the crease landscape before diving in.



THE PUCK REPORT: Today In NHL History - Gino Odjick


2. All Out Goon

The names at the top of the penalty minute leaders are legendary. The likes of Da’Brickashaw O’Neal Peter Payne, Noah Lefevre, Edwin Encarnacion, Guntis Petenis, Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, and Evgeni Komarov are forever enshrined as popular pugilists who fought, roughed, hooked, tripped, and speared their way into the VHL’s hall of hell-raisers. I think it would be fun to jack up some of the lesser-used attributes and see what happens. Not every team would want a goon who keeps going in the penalty box but having a nuclear deterrent on the ice might make games more interesting! I’m considering giving the player some soft hands or maybe good defensive awareness so he’s not just skating around picking fights and actually makes himself useful. We’ll see.



Canucks: If NHL season is over, Quinn Hughes is the Calder favorite


3. Offensive Wizard Defenseman

Offensive defensemen are never in short supply but are always welcome in the VHL. Being a Canucks fans and seeing what Quinn Hughes has done this season probably is fueling this build. Think him or a slick playmaker like Sergei Zubov. A blueliner who’s not known for his physicality but rather his fluid skating, deft passes and dazzling dekes. I’d want to try and avoid being too one-dimensional like solely a powerplay specialist so he’d have to be still decent in his own end.


No matter what build I decide to go with, I think the hardest choice will be the name. I’ve always loved being creative and yet realistic with names but you want something that will be remembered after the player is retired so I’m going to put some extra thought into my next player’s name.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and maybe it will give you some ideas as well.  

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