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There's a lot of really good things here. Definitely the effort level you can see; jersey change, font work, stocks, overall vision. I'll start with what I like. I think the jersey change is solid. The main text is solid. I like the split effect, flowing with the rest of the sig. I think the stockwork is solid as well, nice blending, it does make the whole sig come together. I think there sig just needs some polish to elevate to the upper echelon on the site. I think it could have used an exposer layer right at the end, just to (very slightly) soften the blacks in the sig. I think the subtext is a little distracting. Make don't have such a thick text with the glow feature on it. The render looks a little over contrasted, the facial features kind of get lost because of those effects. Could just be over contrasting with an (overlay?) effect layer. Makes the render look LQ.


Hope some of the comments help improve, no disrespect intended! Good work here!



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