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Re-create Possibility


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To start, there is no guarantee that I'll recreate here in the VHL. Mostly because my life is pretty busy and given my GM duties over at the SBA, it's hard to be very involved in other sim leagues as I'm one to normally apply a genuine effort towards the work I do. Not just for my own self gratification, but to also help any teams I've joined or will join in the future. Plus by being someone in charge of a team, I'm aware of how tedious an inconsistent earner can be. Enough rambling though, on to what this article is actually about.


Miles Johnson


For a little background on Miles, He is the younger brother of Ricky Johnson (current D.C. dragons defense man). Having grown up watching his brother play most of his life, Miles decided to pick up the sport himself and has already surprised many at his young age. Unlike his brother Ricky, Miles strives to be a goal scorer. Which has resulted in him playing on the left wing. Although he excels at finding his teammates for an easy shot on net, he can be very greedy in wanting to get his own. it has backfired on him multiple times which has resulted in many loses to his young career, he's working on being more of a team player as he continues growing into the player he strives to be. What does that look like exactly?


Well for one he is a scorer as mentioned. Getting that as high as possible would be an ideal first, followed by some passing to a moderate level. Johnson will most likely be a wizard with his stick handling as well as soaring past most defenders. He'll also be no slouch on defense, but don't expect much from him. As said before, he'll still more so look to get his own rather than help keep the puck out the net. He won't be much of a fighter nor will he have much strength to be one either. Even so, he'll still play smart on defense to ensure he's not picking up any easy or frustration penalties. He'll win the odd face off or two and will be the go to guy to take any penalty shots when it comes down to it. Ideally his build should look a little like this:


Checking: 50

Fighting: 40

Discipline: 70

Skating: 99

Strength: 50

Puck Handling: 99

Faceoff: 70

Passing: 85

Scoring: 99

Defense: 70

Penalty Shot: 80

Leadership: 40


This is more so of a rough draft seeing as i'm unsure if i'll for sure be re-creating. Given the thought that I do, I would want him to be one of the more premier scorers of his time. The idea of him remaining as a Left wing may come down to the league needs at the end of the day. So he's considered a LW but could be seen as a forward overall for now. Hopefully Miles Johnson will have a career better than that of Ricky and continue the legacy of the Johnson name.  

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