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Angellini - Midseason Interview


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A little past the halfway point of S73, Pietro Angellini and the San Diego Marlins have gone from the outhouse to knocking on the doors of the Playoff Penthouse. Sitting in 5th place, only 10 Points back from the league leading Houston Bulls, the Marlins look to have found a stride they intend to keep rolling into the postseason. Recently, Pietro was selected to represent the United States on the World Junior Team and was also ranked highly among the Top 50 Forwards of the VHLM. Riding a four game win streak, we caught up with Pietro after Game 282...


Interviewer: "On another streak out there! The Marlins look to be meshing and you're flying up and down the ice. What keeps you going as hard as possible in the midseason?"


PA: "Just a lot of mental fortitude, to be honest. Ever since I was little I was told by my Dad that I could always keep pushing and give more when others seemed to be gassed. I never really knew what he meant but I guess he was on to something."


Interviewer: "Your hard work is paying off. The Marlins are playoff hopefuls after a season at the bottom last year. How did you guys turn it around?"


PA: "I think the potential was always there, even before I landed here in the offseason. Guys like Han @Dtayl and Lundy @Bouncyelf have worked hard to bring this team up to playoff caliber. I was just lucky to land in such a great place."


Interviewer: "You were recently ranked #8 in the Top 50 Forwards of the VHLM with your teammate John Merrick @Steve right there with you at 7. Do you think the rankings are accurate?"


PA: "I leave the stats to the analysts. It is great to be noticed, and even better to see Merrick @Steve getting some love, but I try to live in the moment and focus on the present. I appreciate the acknowledgements and it always feels good to know you're doing well among your peers but at the end of the day the Team matters more to me and we have our eyes on a Cup."


Interviewer: "Well said. And great to hear a team-first attitude. The WJC Rosters were announced and you were selected, along with fellow Marlins John Merrick @Steve and John LeClair II @flyersfan1453. How does it feel to be asked to represent your home country on a national stage?"


PA: "I am humbled by it, honestly. I have always wanted to compete internationally and this is my first chance. It will be great to have Merrick and LeClair there with me. I'm hoping the American Marlins can help Team USA go out there and impress the world."


Interviewer: "We'll all be watching and rooting for USA and the American Marlins. Thanks for your time, Pietro. Reading any good books lately?"


PA: "Haha, good question. I just finished one and started a Thomas Pynchon novel. This dude can write. Keeps me going after long workouts. You should give him a read!"


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