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Being my first character on the VHL it is difficult to look towards the future when the present has only just begun. However, I do enjoy the creation portion of sim-leagues very much, my current SBA and VHL characters are named Julius Caesar II and William Shakespeare II. Evidently, I enjoy going for a history theme for my characters names and I feel like that helps me add a little but extra to my media spots which let them be both more interesting to write and more interesting to read. So then the question is raised; what do my future re-creates in the VHL look like? Well the only way to answer that is to look to the past.


Lü Bu


When it comes to history not much is both as fun and interesting as the Romance of the Three Kingdom. Romance of the Three Kingdom’s is a historical novel set in the years towards the end of the Han dynasty in Chinese history.  The story as the name indicators heavily romanticizes the lives of the feudal lords and retainers of the time. Lü Bu is a character both within Chinese history and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms; within the romance  is a nearly invincible warrior but was a incapable leader and noted for his poor planning and management skills. Infact Lü Bu was once easily manipulated into killing his own father:


“Lü Bu said, "But we are father and son!" Wang Yun replied, "Your family name is  so you have no blood relations with him. Lü Bu agreed to join them and personally killed Dong Zhuo (His Father figure) later.


Overall  Bu is an incredibly fun character that I think is summed up well with this he by Sanguozhi:


‘Lü Bu possessed the might of a tiger, but he lacked the planning skills of a talented person. He was frivolous

and temperamental, and was only concerned about the gains he could make. Throughout history, there had never been such persons like him who did not end up being destroyed.


So, what does this mean in terms of Lü Bu within the VHL, well the choice isn’t as obvious as it seems. Lü Bu could be represented by a player that is unparalleled in the ability to score. But Lü Bu could also be a player that speciality is fighting. Overall, I think both are important to create an accurate representation of Lü Bu in the VHL. Looking to the past for a player example Podrick Cast has the dynamic scoring that a Lü Bu should have:



However, as I’m sure you have noticed Podrick has 95 leadership, Lü Bu was famous for being a terrible leader so those points can safely be put into fighting. Finally, I have come to an understating that fighting is not a stat that helps the team win. For these reasons I don’t think Lü Bu will find his way to the VHL through me until I am in a situation in which  I am free to create a character that is more for fun then for winning.

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Review: This is fascinating, as I have never heard of this historical novel or that character before. I love that you have a theme, and that you want to be true to the characters. That is something fun not only for you to do, as you are in the VHL, but also fun for us to read. I really liked that you provided evidence for his character (what he did), and precedent for what he could be (the Pod Cast comparison). My only real questions would be these: could there have been another, comparable player for Lu? And even if there is not, would you be able to tweak his playing style in such a way that was both helpful and true, more or less, to the character? Great work here! Score: 9/10

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