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Tough Times in S73 for Elsby Sr

Spence King

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As a GM or AGM in the VHLM theres one massive variable that is “almost” out of your control other than draft picks, and that’s waiver signings and having a “full roster”. It happens every season where there is either one or multiple teams in the league with 5 or fewer active users leaving the roster with WAY less than enough players to even put together 2 full lines let alone 3. The waiver system in the VHLM allows for each team to make a pitch to each player immediately after being created. The issue however is staying ontop and always keeping an eye out for the new players as well as making sure you have a roster that can entice the user as well as making a pitch that makes the user feel valued and ensure that they are happy and confident they have decided to sign with the team that offers them the best opportunities. Unfortunately you can have the best pitches , the greatest opportunities offered to the users and no luck, This is the issue in Philadelphia this season after going all in moving all the S73 draft picks and 3 big name returning players for future draft picks. This left the Reapers roster shorthanded from the get-go. The Reapers Organization have zero worries about recruitment issues and very confident in our ability to bring in player in the following weeks in attempt to secure a playoff spot.

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