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Never had the makings of a skill player


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Helsinki Titans good run continues, in the latest sim Titans won London 5-1 and Wolves of Vancouver also had to face the reality of losing - Titans won 6-4. With so many goals being scored someone might think that everybody scored one, but Helsinki Titans winger Jim Bob was among the players who did not score a goal. After the Wolves game Bob had this to say:



I'm happy that the team won, Vancouver is not an easy team to play against. Four goals against is normally not a good day, but when you score six yourself that makes it feel slightly better. Of course, getting to score one myself would have been cool, but it's not my role to score goals and let's be honest I never had the makings of a skill player. If I managed to count correctly, I had six hits today and seven against London, I'm the disruptor. I come in and disrupt, if we win and I have a solid number of hits without sitting in the box all game, that means my job is done. Now off to the showers, would like to say I need to get ready to watch tape on whoever we play against in tomorrow's sim, but when you are first in the standings and win this often - does it matter who you play against?


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