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Miami vs. Minny: What Will Happen Next?


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               The Miami Marauders currently sit tied for second with Ottawa, both trailing Houston. Wolf Stansson has been playing well as of late, but it hasn’t always translated into wins. At present the Marauders are on a seven-game winning streak, having achieved a 9-1 record in the past 10 games. Stansson has eleven goals and 35 assists for 46 points in 47 games. He has a 10.58% shooting percentage, which is excellent for a defenseman. Seven of his 11 goals have come on the power-play unit. He’s added on 16 assists there as well. Fully half his points have come on special teams, and he’s only played one-third of his time on those units. He has nearly as many shots as he does hits, suggesting he is playing well on both sides of the game. These were his goals. So would he consider this season a success?


               “I can’t possibly know the answer to that at this time,” he says, appearing slightly exasperated at the question. “I will only know if the season is a success at the end, when the championship trophy is awarded. Then I can tell you.” He appears less on edge than he did the last time I interviewed him. He is relaxed in shoulders, pleasant in demeanor. Like he was in the old days before he was ever drafted into the VHLM. But he still has a slight edge to his voice. He still interprets questions to be about whether or not he is good enough.


               “I just wish we could get past Minny,” he breathes out ruefully. “They’ve been our rival since the inception of the franchise!” He’s not wrong. Last season, Minnesota was built not only to contend, but to win the title. Miami was not, to put it bluntly. In their very first outing, Miami was expected to be crushed by the Minnesota juggernaut. It did not happen. The Marauders enjoyed their very first victory in their very first game as a franchise! From there it went back and forth, and spilled over into the playoffs. An epic first-round battle culminated in a Game 7, where Minnesota eventually claimed victory.


               This season is different, with Minnesota winning most of the games so far, leading the season series 4-2, with two games left to play. The first game was an OT thriller, with Minnesota prevailing. Miami rebounded with a 3-0 win, and won again the second to last time these two teams met. The last time these two teams met was a 3-1 loss for Miami, with Stansson scoring the lone goal, on the power-play. “It doesn’t feel very good to score, looking back, when you still lost,” he laments. “It would’ve been better for me if I hadn’t scored, but we won 3-1.”


               He really just wants to win, and to contribute second. It’s in his competitive nature. He’s team-first, but he really wants to participate as well. Some days he gets his wish, and others he does not. Will they overcome Minnesota in their final two games against them, or in the playoffs? The VHLM will soon know.


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Media spot looks great, you seem like you put some time into it. I like how it is structured. I can easily read it and it is easily understandable. What I would like for you to do, is to use more bold and italic, because that would make the text more likable to the eyes, also I absolutely love the topic, that you are writing about. Miami and Minnesota rivalry is one of the biggest for Miami and I think it was really good idea, to talk about this.


Great job 8/10

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