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Trouble brewing in Team Asia?


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I just wanted to preface this article by saying this is all fake, I don't really care about playing time in the WJC, just needed a quick idea for a media article.


Star rookie Jeffrenomitsu the 3rd was recently seen arguing with his WJC GMs in regards to his playing time. Despite the fact that he has been above a point per game pace, the rookie has barely seen the ice in his first handful of games in the tournament. He was recently ranked as the 11th best forward in the VHLM by user PatrikLaine after his playmaking and two-way ability on ice were noticed by the star Marauder, however his WJC GMs clearly feel otherwise as he has seen the ice for a grand total of 10:36 minutes a game, and to make matters worse, a significant chunk of that has taken place during the penalty kill which hasn't allowed the winger to showcase his well known playmaking and scoring ability just yet.


As always, more to come as this situation will be an interesting one to monitor moving forward.

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