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My next player candidates


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Uhtred is just in his 3rd VHL season so I haven't really considered what my next player will be until now.  My first player was Italian as that's where my dad was born and lived until he was 10.  Uhtred is british as I wanted a player from the UK  as that is where my mom’s family is from.  My grandmother on my mom's side grew up in Scotland to be more specific but Uhtred is really English and is not  a fan of the Scots.  Now that I’ve done a player from my background the next step would be a Canadian player as I am Canadian.   A Canadian hockey player is so normal that I don't think I want to have a Canadian just yet.   I think my next player will be similar to Uhtred and come from the Last Kingdom Series.  I haven't created a physical player yet so I will probably go that route this time and that would suit any of the characters from the book/tv series.   I have done a forward and a defenseman but will create another skater as I don't want to create a goalie at this time.   If I go with a defenseman I may create a strong hitting that eats pucks for breakfast which is the opposite of my offensive Dman that was my first player.  If I decided to go with a forward I will most likely create a power forward.   Uhtred is a pure offense sniper type player so my next player definitely won't be that style.  Uhtred is a winger so I may decide to go with a Center but If I want a power forward they are best if on the wing.  If I chose to go with a Center it will likely be a strong two way player who can win draws.


Here are a few players I may create




Finan is an Irishmen and is Uhtred’s closest friend.  Uhtred and Finan have been through alot together and would be a great option for my next player if I stick with the Last Kingdom theme.   If i go with him I would probably have him be a two way centre as Uhtred’s second in command he would be a great fit in that roll.




Sihtric is a dane and another close friend of Uhtred.  I like his character but I think if I were to go with a friend of Uhtred it would be Finan as I have liked his character more and they've been through alot more together than Uhtred and Sihtric.  Sihtric would be my power forward player if I decide to go with that type of player.


Ragnar Ragnarson


Ragnar is Uhtred’s adoptive brother and is a great candidate for a Last kingdom character.  He is the son of Earl Ragnar who adopted Uhtred at a young age.  Ragnar is a fearless leader and would be a great fit for a defensive defenseman roll.  Ragnar is well respected and has a great following and he can be a pillar on a blue line in the future.




Beocca is another major character in the book and he has been in Uhtred’s life the longest.  He is a priest and that wouldn't go with my idea of a physical player.  He would actually be better as player like Uhtred an offensive player who shies away from contact.

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