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Team Asia Askarov will not play for


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Vsevolod Askarov will not be playing for Asia, which for some reason includes Russia. Not sure people have looked at a map before but Russia and Russians dont identify as Asians. The Russian netminder was not selected to go, a move that has made him declare he will not play for Asia in the future. He will only suit up for team World. 


Despite being agent to some of the best talent team Asia has ever seen. The snub was seem as a kick in the nuts. The hulking goalie decided if Asia does not want him, he will take his services elsewhere. Team World being the only other option, as he can not play for Europe, America, or Canada. 


This leaves team Asia without one of the most promising prospects in the country for next seasons tournament. The choices are very questionable and the choice has been made. Whoever the new GM next season is will be paying the price for this as GMs only stay a season at a time. 


This move will impact Asia forever, as the agent has decided this was for the best and none of his agents who have all hailed from Russia will suit up for them ever again.



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