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Three Barzy Builds that you might see!


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If you know me, you probably know that I like to make sure all of my players have a ton of personality. My current player is literally named after a Flamingo, and is from a country that I believe has never had a VHL player before. So even though these are all three future builds, they're all experimental and fiery types. This means that they're going to be loud, talk about never actually going to practice in pressers, and always be up to no good. It's the Barzy way!


The Goaler

I want to have a Goaler ~eventually~ but it's really hard to have a good Goaler when you're a welfare player for 75% of the weeks. This means that if I did want to create a goaler, he'd have to be a backup! Yes, you're reading this correctly, I want to create the best. backup goalie that the VHL has ever seen. To steal from the Hockey episode of cult hit Blue Mountain State, the backup goalie is the best position in hockey! You never practice, you rarely have to play, and you still "get all of the girls" because you're a professional athlete! Trickle down banging, but in sim league style, if you know you know. 


So what makes my goalie a backup? He literally just doesn't earn the same levels of TPE that the guys who have been good goalies in the last few years have been able to. We're talking specifically the two goalies I've played with the most in Sonnet and Daad, who cap every week. Teams need a backup goalie to try to "steal" 8 games a year, and when the goaler does finally go in, it's electric! He'd be the kind of locker room presence that teams need, and GM's don't mind paying a league minimum salary for. You might ask what the payoff for the goaler build is, well, the inevitable new expansion franchise might want a veteran goaler, and who better than a career backup looking for a full time gig! We'd lose a lot of games, but we'd be the most fun team in the league! What would I name the goaler? Alex Moran. 




The Forward & The Defenseman


The best way to make another ridiculous build, would have to break the norm, and how would I do that? Offensive Defenseman & a Defensive Forward, but to complete extremes. I want a forward who maxes out checking, strength, skating, defense, etcetera before even touching passing and scoring. You might be wondering how I plan to score with a build like that, simple, I don't! I want a forward who is such a good, that he might as well not even carry a stick. He'd compete with the best for the VHL Heavyweight Title, lead the league in shots blocked, checking, and all as a forward. I really think this would be a good experiment to how much shooting and passing really play into a player in the VHL sim engine. I think it's less than we give it credit for. I'd name the player something stupid like Goon McGoonface.


So if I'm making a defenseman build, notice the s not the c, I'm going to go all offense with it, because it's a great way to score a ton. Defenseman play way more minutes than forwards generally do, and I think taking advantage of this might yield one of the best, but also worst, players ever. I'm talking the opposite of the forward build, 99 scoring before even touching another stat. He's a true blue line slap shot artist, you can't guard him, he's unstoppable, but he's a turnstile on defense. I'd probably call him Allfence Nodee (get it all fence, no d)



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