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The Future is Nigh


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The Future is Nigh



We caught up to some scouts earlier today and asked them about some of the more interesting prospects that would soon be declaring themselves draft eligible. One of the players that came up but still not named was a player coming out of Atlanta, GA. The scouts kind of teased us with the information at this point, as they still wanted to keep some information under wraps it seems so we only got a little bit of information to share with you here.


Broad Street Hockey discusses the Wayne Simmonds trade from the  Philadelphia Flyers to the Nashville Predators - Broad Street Hockey


“Well what we can tell is he hails from Atlanta. He’s a strong fella and his defensive awareness is miles ahead of others in his draft class. I think we’re looking at another solid two way winger in the future. We like that he has very good upside in terms of offensive ability. He’s got good hands and he’s good on his feet. The agency he is with has produced several high end players in its time and is generally good with VHLers, I believe their success rate is fairly high. That’s about all we can say at the moment, but we are keeping a close eye on his development. Could be quite the gem we have on our hands.” - Unnamed Scout


Five Questions with Tyler Bertuzzi


On the flip side, we also had a chance to weigh in with some other scouts in regards to some upcoming VHL eligibles that we did get names on. One of them being Ryan Schwarz. At six foot eight, Schwarz is a hulking scoring winger with game breaking offensive talent. Doesn’t exactly shy away from contact, but also doesn’t really initiate it. He is strong on the puck and skates well. Scouts report that his defensive game is lacking but he is likely to have time to build it up, but his offensive mentality is top notch. He projects to be a 1st line winger in the future and should be fairly coveted in the draft. Schwarz currently has 37 points in 49 games currently in the VHLM.


Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz are Sweden's next generation of hockey  stars – The Athletic


Gabriel Akerstrom also is an intriguing name to the VHL draft. A very young defenseman, but already has 34 points in 38 games in his limited exposure to the VHLM. Akerstrom has been rapidly turning peoples eyes as a strong skating two way defenseman. Responsible in his own end while also contributing on the offensive side, Akerstrom has been noted to be extremely raw but with very high upside. Currently playing with the LAs Vegas aces, Gabriel could be a steal for a team in the later rounds of the draft.


Lee Sin stream [Peak P2] if anyone wants to watch plays and give me tips :  LeeSinMains


To finish off on some hidden gems, we have Lee Xin, a right wing with the Ottawa Lynx. Xin has been kind of off the radar currently, his VHLM draft spot was 51st overall but he is quietly rising as a player to note. With 39 points in 49 games, Xin looks to have decent offensive upside. He’s noted for his all around play, he is decent on his skates and has good hand eye coordination but nothing in particular stands out at this time. What is particularly intriguing is his rapid rate of progression at this time. A very raw player in the making, scouts have noted that he is learning quickly and improving himself all around. Currently a mid round pick, Lee could see himself going higher if a team really likes him and is willing to risk a pick on his upwards trajectory staying high.


That is all we have for today, stay tuned for other VHLHockeyNews articles!


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