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S73 Theme Week


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This season's Theme Week is focused on future players, so I guess that's what I'll talk about here. My current player, Woody McPine, is only in his 4th season so still lots of time to iron out all the details or change my mind, but here's what I think I'll be doing.


My next create will be a speedy, flashy left winger hailing from the happiest country in the world in 2019, Finland. Most likely a descendant of Vikings and named after a former NHL player, this player will not only be speedy and have silky soft hands, but will hopefully be a tough bugger to play against.


Growing up in the small coastal town of Kalajoki, this player will have the natural strength of someone who has had to work to help feed his family, both in the fields as well as fishing at sea. Coming from a large family, this player knows the value of hard work as well as working as a team to ensure success. From helping his Uncle Leo on the family farm to being at sea with his fisherman father, he developed a strong discipline and work ethic that he has carried over to the ice.


Because the town has just one rink that was often reserved for the adult leagues, this player honed his skating skills on a lake just outside of town (one of many fishing spots in the area), playing shinny with his brothers, sisters, cousins, and other local teens. There weren't many rules out on the lake, and as a result, the players had some close calls with serious injuries, But, this also allowed them to add some toughness and grit to their game. Only a handful of players from Kalajoki have gone pro, but none have made it to the esteemed Victory Hockey League until now (or rather, hopefully a few seasons from now).


From a young age, the natural athleticism and strength of this player put him ahead of his peers, and most of the older kids, on the ice. Eventually, at the age of 15, his talent needed more of a challenge than the lake. While he still played on the lake with his friends and family, this player started skating with his Uncle Leo in the local men's league. His time in the men's league helped develop not only his scoring and defensive skills, but also his physical game. He also started to get some exposure, as they would often to travel to nearby towns to play different teams. Eventually, he started to dominate the men's league and after a tournament in the big city of Helsinki, his name started to generate some buzz. Who was this young kid dominating men twice his age? The comparisons to previous Finnish stars started coming. Rauno Palo. Joel Ylonen. Selanne. Laine. Komarov. He even current drew comparisons to current DC stud Mikko Aaltonen.


Ladies and gentlemen of the VHL community, I give you an early introduction to Jussi Jokinanegg.


Word Count: 500

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