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Introducing: DilAgency — New Player Development Program

Patrik Tallinder

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Lucas Tallinder and Elias Kallstrom Present:




DilAgency (no relation to Dil) is a newly founded VHL-based player agency and development program for young VHL/VHLM up and comers. The headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, and the players are to train there in the offseasons. Your player could join as soon as today, and enjoy professional guidance on and off the ice to prepare for the physical and mental battles of being a VHL star. Here is an overview of the program and its backstory.


Psychology student and former junior hockey player Lucas Tallinder was having a tough time staying away from the game after an unfortunate accident that paralyzed him from the waist down. He had already taken up psychology in school, so it made sense for him to pursue sport-based psychology. Along with help from a well-known and respected coach from his hometown, Elias Kallstrom, he has set up this development camp and player agency as a way to get closer to the game he loves.


To no one’s surprise, the first players to join the camp were Lucas’ brothers Patrik and Nils Tallinder. Patrik is a current VHL player for the Riga Reign, and Nils is a prospect awaiting the day he turns 16 for VHLM eligibility. While he isn’t entirely sure if he wants to stay in Sweden or pursue a career in the VHL, he will make an impact wherever he goes. While this is a nice start for DilAgency, they are now looking for new members. What can this organization offer for your player? Let’s see:



  • Guidance for earning TPE

  • Be featured in our midseason and offseason articles tracking your progress and accomplishments

  • Build guidance to the best of our abilities




So essentially, here’s the deal: This is an opportunity to have something to read about your player at least twice a season, and some player guidance if needed.


I want to stress that this isn’t only for new users too. If you don’t need any guidance at all and just want to read an article about your player every few weeks, I encourage you to join. 


For the newer people, I’m not the most experienced user here, but I’ll do my best to help out. I want to be clear that there is no TPE for being a part of this, it’s just for the fun of it. The name is based around the word diligence, so if you think you’re someone who’s willing to put in the work to be a great VHL player, just leave a comment or PM me and we can start talking about whether you'd like any guidance or to just be a part of the articles.

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