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Potential future players (S73 Theme week)


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Gotta say the theme for this week (which I'm doing on the deadline, of course) is interesting, and I like it. As a person who is still on their first player, goalie Jaxx Hextall, I have thought about what I will do after him. This is a new experience in terms of being able to keep updating my player and such and yea, it is tiring at times. I've thought about maybe just taking a break after or wondering if I should even make a second player? I'm determined to have my current player play all 8 seasons, I don't want to retire him early, and I hope all his seasons are in Toronto. But for future season after him? I've thought about trying each position. There are points where I kinda wish we could have two players at a time but I understand why we can't. I can say that if I did make a second player he would be a forward.


Jonathan Ori

Seeing as one of my favorite players is Joe Thornton, and he's one of the best passers ever in the NHL, I think I'd enjoy making a player a player who is more of a play maker and less a scorer. I would focus on passing, skating, shot blocking and if it meant anything, leadership.... but I don't believe that stat actually does anything. He'd  be Canadian because I can't help myself and be about 6'2". The player is inspired by Jumbo Joe but I'm gonna still gonna take him in my own direction. I really want to make the player in time the S79 VHL draft.

Joe Thornton returns to Sharks on one-year contract


Sam Shields

Even though I wasn't watching hockey in the early 2000's, there's one player I've mentioned a number of times as well as using pictures of, and that's Steve Shields. Come on... Shields is a perfect name for a goalie, and yes I'm aware that there is currently a player named Ray Shields in the VHL but they are not a goalie. I was thinking of making a defenseman after my forward Ori but I think I might like to return to the goalie game. I'm not 100% sure on what I'd do for his build yet but I would focus on two or three stats unlike Hextall, where I've gone for a balance build. I hope he could join in the late S80's but if I decide to take a break he might join early S90's then.

San Jose Sharks goaltending history : Steve Shields


Jack Ingram

There aren't any defenseman I've paid a lot of attention to, yes being a Shark's fan there's Brent Burns, and of course Erik Karlsson but I think I'd like to make a defensive defenseman, not a offensive defenseman. Probably would focus stats like speed, shot blocking, cheeking, would be very physical.. I don't have much here because he probably wouldn't come around until the S100's. And that's if I'm even still around myself y'know? I guess I should dig around for a picture or something.

Healthy Ekman-Larsson ready to give Coyotes a playoff boost - The ...


Having all these ideas in my head is part of the reason I wish we could have two players at a time but again, there are reason why we can't true you can always have another player in a different hockey league but I'd rather just focus on this one.


(Word count 572, claiming for August 16th, theme week)

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