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As a first generation player agency, The Jayrad Agency has done pretty well for themselves. They signed a young prolific scoring Centre, who has been a staple on the Prague Phantoms for quite some time and has carved out a really decent career for himself as a Top 6 Centre.


Alex Pearson’s Career is slowly winding down, he’s dealt with injuries which has left some people to wonder if his career might end early, but everytime he has come back with a vengeance and worked harder to get back into shape. He’s in the last season of his contract and has expressed interest in retirement but nothing has been confirmed yet. So now the real question is...Who is the next young star his agency will sign? There are a number of youngsters they have supposedly had their eye on, I’m gonna break a couple of them down.




Ryan Ryker, 6’1

Right winger

Age: 16 

Ryker, Much like Pearson in his early career, Is a goal scoring first player. He has an absolute cannon of a shot, Including a Booming Slapper from the circle that has put him in first for Power Play goals In the OHL Right now. He has a lot of potential, and is not afraid to play a physical game, which really helps his case. 


Josh Thompson, 5’10


Age: 17


A Strong pass first defenceman, Thompson is currently playing for his High school team and tearing it up with 76 Points in 34 Games. He’s a lanky teenager still, so he will need to adapt his physical game in order to play in the pros one day.


Jasper Nyberg, 6’4

Left Winger



The Fiesty Swede is Already the biggest player in his age group, I can’t wait to see where he is in a few seasons, He’s a old fashion power forward, Not afraid to battle, hits everything, and has some serious offensive Flare. He’s probably still a few seasons away, but when he makes his impact he’s gonna turn some heads.



Matthew Pearson 4’11 (so far)



When Alex Pearson was a crazy 18 year old, he accidentally knocked up his Highschool girlfriend. He didn’t tell anyone about it for years, besides friends and family, and hid his son from the media, but now, with Matthew getting older, a lot of scouts are noticing him in minor Hockey. Alex has been much more public about his relationship with his son recently, even saying he hopes he plays for his current team, the Prague Phantoms one day. Matthew is only 9, so he had many years left to develop and fine tune his game, but right now he’s already years ahead of his competition, so much so, that he ties weights to his legs to try and make it a little more even.




There are many more options the agency could go for future players, but these are the ones you should expect to hear in the next few years. Alex Pearson is in the twilight in his career, and while he may not be a VHL Legend, he certainly is a Phantom for life.





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