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What comes after Mickey Dickson? Frankly I’m not quite sure but here are two different players I would be willing to make.


The first player: George Micheals


George Micheals would be a LW from Canada. How would he be built? Well I think I would like to try out doing an enforcer type build but an enforcer that can score. I have come to see that not many people have that type of build and I think it just would be interesting to see how it would work out. With that being said I would build him almost as if he was just being a shooter build by things like scoring, puck handling etc but also add in a lot of checking and fighting to also gain the enforcer type build as part of him.


Here would be his main build stats: (anything not mentioned would stay at base level)


CK: 80 (to bring physicality to the game.)

FG: 70 (to be able to stand up for himself and his teammates.)

SK:85 (to still be able to go a good speed which will cause less discipline issues.)

PH: 85 (to keep good control on the puck.)

PA: 65 (to be able to make plays to teammates.)

SC: 95 (to give him that scoring touch and give him points.)

DF: 90 (so he still has good defensive skills)


As you can see by these main stats his scoring and offensive ability will still be very high however he will also have a lot of grit.


Why would I want a build like this?

Personally I would like to see how he would perform. The league is largely made up of snipers or passing builds and I would want to see what an enforcer type build could do in this league.


Build number 2: Brad Jones

A defenseman from the United States of America.


Brad Jones would be built as a very offensive defenseman. He would be that guy to always jump in on the rush. He would be built with a lot of scoring and offensive threat but also be sound defensively and make sure to also do his job back in his own zone. A good example of the type of player he would be is Torey Krug. A offensive talented defenseman but can still shut it down defensively.


Here would be his main build stats: (anything not mentioned would stay at base level)


SK: 90 (To give him the opportunity to get up in the play but also skate well enough to get back)

DF:99 (all defenseman should have this at or around 99 as it is there job.)

SC: 95 (to give him the offensive ability to score and score often.)

PA: 65 (so he can also make plays to his other teammates and gain points from assists.)

PH: 85 (so he can have good control over the puck while also being able to go at a good speed.)


Why this build?


I want to build a defenseman in general but I would also like to have them be a more offensively strong defenseman. A defenseman who can play well in both ends in my opinion is the best type of defenseman.


These are the two builds I would like to do next and why.


Word count 549

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