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Potential New Players/Old Players That Didn't Make It

Fire Fletcher

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Potential New Players/Old Players That Didn't Make It


I am not a very creative person. For the longest time, I picked a somewhat random first name or name that related to the type of player I wanted to create and a counterpart on the Flyers. I've since stopped naming players that way. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen was the first player I had where I had to actually sit down and think of a name. I thought of it since my EASHL player also has a Spongebob themed name, although that name won't appear in this article since there's a high likely hood I'll actually use it. The remaining names in this article are names I considered instead of John LeClair III, and although I didn't pick them this time, it doesn't mean I won't going forward.


HRH John LeClair II - This one is obviously very close to what I ended up going with. The primary difference is the "HRH", which stands for "His Royal Highness". I was going to go off on some Robbie-esque story about how this player was somehow the illegitimate child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and therefore, had a weak claim to the throne and would try to exploit it. I was playing Crusader Kings 2 a lot during this time, and for those of you who don't know, plotting around claims (strong, weak, and otherwise illegitimate) is a large portion of that game. Ultimately, I didn't go with this one. For starters, I would have to have had a UK nationality, and we all know USA #1 for VHL purposes. It also would have required me to (theoretically, assuming I actually write more media spots) continue to be creative, which as I mentioned, is not my strong suit. He would have been the same type of player (power forward/two way forward winger), so that wouldn't have changed. At the end of the day, is was simpler for me to just knock off the "HRH" portion, and those who know me know I love K.I.S.S.


Simon Gagne II - This one obviously would have followed in the "name your player after an ex-Flyers player who you want to model your game after." The biggest change here obviously would have been the play style. You know, Peter Forsberg once said that Simon Gagne was the purest goalscorer he's every played with. This player would have focused on scoring, skating, puck handling and defense...and I don't think anyone has ever seen that type of player before! This also would have been a do-over on one of my previous players, Jeff, who was this archetype, but didn't have the TPE support that most of my other players did. 


Morgan Frost II - This one would have been out of leftfield a little bit. Morgan Frost is a top Flyers prospect, but is not an established NHL player. On the whole, there is a whole lot of BUST potential with this name. He would have been a center who focused on PASSING as an attempt to prove that SCORING is not 100% required. I am leaning this way on my next player, but for now, not what I wanted to do.


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