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A comparison and collab with Nate and Brendan Telker


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             As Nate Telker's career comes to an end in a couple season's, his younger brother Brendan will step in to start his career. While it's unclear if Nate will retire after 7 or 8 seasons, that will ultimately decide whether Brendan is drafted in S77 or S78. Nate will take a really big hit on TPE after next year's playoffs. If Moscow's young centers surpass him after his final TPE deduction, he may become a depth player in his final season. "It all depends on how valuable I am to Moscow at that time. If Victor needs me around and thinks i'm an important asset, then I will gladly stay. If me leaving means little to no impact on how the team does, I don't mind getting a head start on retirement to let Brandon come in a season early."  Brendan is a Lethbridge, AB born player who has primarily played on the left wing, but has also stepped in on faceoffs on occasion. It's probably a safe bet that Brendan will stick with being a winger, however he has multiple years of youth hockey left so you never know. Brendan will probably always be compared to Nate, but the two brothers have a close relationship that has brought them even closer through hockey. “He’s got that really competitive spirit in him, he really hates losing.” Nate said. With Brendan already showing great skill at such a young age, there is a very good chance that he will surpass Nate’s individual achievements. A cup on the other hand, takes a whole lot more than just drafting a really good player. Nate’s career may not be one of a high production offensive center, but he’s served and continues to serve an important role for Moscow. “If next season ends up being my last one, It’s only obvious to splurge out all my TPE then.” 


            With dreams as big as his passion for hockey, Brendan wants to become the best player he can be. “I gotta keep working hard all the way up to draft day. After that I need to work even harder” Brendan commented. While it’s tough to judge where Brendan could drafted, especially since he doesn’t exist on the VHL portal yet, it wouldn’t be a shocker at all if he pushed his way into the top 5 of whatever draft class he ends up in. Nate was drafted 32oa in the stacked class of S68. He’s still managed to climb all the way up to 13th ranked in terms of TPE. While Brendan is still a young kid and barely into highschool, he says he tries to enjoy the life he has now, rather and then and mop until he gets drafted. “I have a good life, I have lots of friends in my school so I just wanna make the most of this moment. Nate being gone most of the year is rough as a younger brother, but I was accustomed to it from an early age once Nate made the VHLM.”

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