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Future Russian talent


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Gooningitups agency has brought some great talent, in Sergei Komarov, Vladimir Komarov. Some middle of the pack never reached potential in Evgeni, and Pavel Komarov. Kazimir was a total bust however, due to coming back at a wrong time. His latest client Vsevolod Askarov has looked like a star in coming however, and the team who gets him. 


That being said this is not about the undrafted Russian goalie. Instead we have to look into a crystal ball 8 seasons from now. The next man up, is the grandson of Vladimir Komarov and son of Pavel. A solid puck moving defenseman, who brings the edge of Vladimir combined with the play making ability of Pavel. He is only currently 9 years old, its unclear just how big he will get, however he already towers over most in his age group as the family is known for big guys.  He is currently only able to play houseleague, but he has domimated it up to this point as he waits to be able to play juniors in the KHL. Which should only be a short 2 seasons. Its impossible to tell just how good this kid will be yet. After all he is 9 years old, however Dimitri Komarov wants to leave an impact on the league when he is able too. He has a huge family of VHL players to lean on, so it will be easy to adjust to the VHL.


The biggest question mark for the kid is going to be where he sits on the family spectrum. Will he become a star in the making, or a bust. If we could project 8 seasons into the future we would take a look at his strengths to take a wild guess.


His first strength is likely gonna be his size, like the rest if his family if we had to take a wild guess he is going to come in at six foot four. He should be a big boy, likely weighing in at 200 plus pounds. Like his family he should know how to use this to his advantage.


His second strength is, defense and physical play. Nobody should be shocked, the Komarov family plays 200 feet, and he throws his body around. He has been penalized alot as a kid they do not encourage physical play. His family however, does not seem to be worried about it as he is just learning the family trade. He will be a very tough opponent, an someone who never backs down. Opponents have had it easy last few seasons without a true Komarov in the league.


The third strength he seems to have is one none of his family has ever really mastered. Play making, he just seems to think the game at a higher level. He sees the ice an finds the open lanes so his teammates can find an open net. For the easy tap in goal.


Time will tell just how good this kid can be, as he is only 9 years old and its not possible to really see the future an what it holds even of the league thinks we can.

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