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BoG Yet to Address "Money Rework"


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            After Moose released his second proposed rework of financials in the VHL, including a rework of the Player Store and Profile back on July 20th, comments rained and opinions were shared but quickly they dissipated, leaving us in a sort of limbo as to whether the BoG would even entertain the idea.


It has been almost 4 weeks since that proposal went live and as of now, sources say we are still very much in the preliminary phase of the discussion and the BoG have yet to formally address the proposed system. It’s a blow to the campaign in a way and form the outside looking in feels a little empty as a response but Moose is taking it in stride and is confident everything is remaining on track with original projections. Moose had this to say regarding the news:


“It can be difficult sometimes to put yourself in an objective mindset. It’s the summer, lot of guys/gals are busy, lot of other issues like competitive spirit, the portal crashes, and seasonal maintenance all come first to a system that at the present time isn’t vital. The thing about this proposal is we’re trying to make something more valuable, not tweak something essential to the foundations of the league. Ultimately, we have to wait our turn. It can be frustrating, but that’s the best we got here. We’ve got some support at the right levels it seems, but we still have to be patient.”


There is no word yet on when the BoG may meet on the Money Rework but we will have all the comments and information available for you as soon as it is made available to us.


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