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My Future Player


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My Future Player


I've made a plan to make sure every single one of my players plays on each continent internationally. Since I've done Team Asia and Team Europe now (as of the WJC), I'm considering doing my home country after Onde Sandstrom. I'd love to do Canada next. Specially if he can be a dominant force for Canada, I'd love to see that. For now, I'll enjoy my Swede in Onde Sandstrom. Since he's going to be a canadian boy, I figure he should have a little background for most people. I'm thinking that he should be a west coast kid. Similar in the mould of a Taylor Hall. Maybe from Vancouver as well, since that's a city I've lived in for over 10 years. Would be fun to pay homage to a city that has been only ever been good to me.


I'm also thinking that he's gotta be a full partier. Like Tuesdays at Celebrities and going to the Roxy on a Friday night. A huge boozer who needs to focus getting his priorities straight. I think this would be a fun story line to take in order to make the mind spin a bit. I think it would be a lot of fun as well since he's probably going to be a notorious bad boy and terrible influence on his teammates. Does that stop him from being a champion? Good question really. I think another personal goal would be to get shipped off by every single team in the league for being a terrible influence. OH! Maybe teams ship him off cause he's shotgunning a bud in the locker room every night before a game. Boozy yet dangerous almost.


While a players character is very important, I think I'd like for him to have a bad ass name. I mean, imagine something like Axel Ryker. Now that is an intimidating name. Brandable as well, even though he's a terrible influence, he could still get some decent brand deals. I'm certain he's the type of guy to go all out for money as well in order to carry out his unhealthy habits. I can see Axel being the type of guy who will demand a max contract right out of the draft. Probably demand the most about of money possible every single time contract talks come up. I expect it with him, specially since his life will be expensive.


In terms of physical size and strength. Axel seems to look more like a large body standing at 6'6" and 280 lbs, I expect him to be a very strong and physically demanding player for any team. He'll fight for the shirt and grind his way to net. He'll also be a prime choice to park in front of the net in order to screen the goalie and tip the puck as much as possible. While Axel may be a distraction off the ice, he is an elite player on the ice and that might prove to be the greatest gamble for any team in the VHL. The question is, who will take him?

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