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Onde Sandstrom Suffering


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Onde starts the press conference with a strong quote....


"This season has been disappointing to me. I thought I could get over the rink size difference this season but it's a greater challenge than I expected it to be. European ice give you space to show your skills. North American ice is very tight and small. I know I'll get over it soon but it's been a major issue this season for me. I'm working on it every day with the team as well, which has been incredibly helpful."


Press: What else have you been working on?


"Well, I know that I want to be stellar on the defensive end so I've been putting a lot of extra training sessions on defence. I think this will prove to be a huge investment down the line. I know players that come into the VHL and think they can be fantastic and then get destroyed on the defensive end. I'm not going to let that happen to me and I want to show I can be responsible on both sides of the ice. As they say, I suppose, offense wins games but defense wins championships and I'm here to win it all.

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