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Hextall moving up on the all time goalie list of the Legion


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With Hextall having played almost 3 full seasons with the Legion, we thought we'd take a look at where he falls with the all time players of the Legion. Hextall has been hyped up as a franchise player, wanting to stay with the team for his full career to we believe he'll own move up it more and could move to the very top in a few categories. First let's look at games played with the team, he currently sits in third with 181 and is only behind Legion legends JB Rift with 265 and Torstein Ironside at 386. Hextall has the chance to be the first Legion goalie to pass 400 games played for the team, assuming he doesn't retire early or get traded. On the wins side he sits in fifth at 85, and only one away from tying Greg Clegane. Ahead of the two of them is Hans Wingate, JB Rift and Torstein Ironside, at 100, 137 and 218 respectively. Because Hextall stayed in the VHLM for his first season he will only have seven in the VHL, we have no doubt he can take second but he'll need some really good seasons to take first, like 40 plus win seasons. We also think it's worth mentioning that he's already third in overtime loses at 21, while many may see it as a sign that he can't handle high pressure situations, considering the kind of team he's had in front of him we think it's a sign of his skill and will to bring the team into overtime for that point. Lastly Hextall is fifth in shutouts at 11, 4 behind Rift, 11 behind Wingate, 20 behind Clegane and 44 behind Ironside. With the current team Hextall plays behind, we think it would be amazing if he could pass Clegane at 31 shutouts. Ironside's crazy 55 shutouts seems close to untouchable, he had three seasons with over 10 shutouts and one season at 9. Hextall so far has only got up to 4 shutouts in a season, granted there is still time left in this season. We think it's a safe bet he takes at least third and at best second, we just don't seem him catching Ironside unless the team suddenly got super defensive.


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