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Determined to prove his worth


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WJC, a tourney all rookies want to be a star in. This WJC experience was a little different. Lee Xin was announced to join Team Asia for this upcoming tourney with fellow Lynx teammates, Volchenkov and Ajay. “Of course I’m excited to join the team and represent where I’m from but I also gotta keep in mind that doing well here can boost my VHL draft.” Lee Xin said after reaching the team hotel.


Things quickly changed when the tourney began. Lee found himself playing double shifts on the 3rd and 4th line. A post game interview after the round robin revealed that he was upset with his performance. Through 8 games, he only put up 1A to go with a +1 rating. Things were not looking good for him but him minutes were limited to an average of 10 minutes per game. “A quick chat with the Rory was fruitful and nice. He told me that circumstances led to this so I’ll take this one for the team and be the bigger person here. I can’t demand for ice time if I’m not performing so Rory has the right to do that for the team. As long as the team is good, I’ll be as well.” Lee told reporters during the quarter finals pre-game interview.


Team Asia’s run for champion came short after being eliminated by Canada. In that game, Lee put up zero’s again. Lee will be hopeful for a WJC return next season and to dominate there after a reality check in S72. "The VHLM playoffs are coming up, now I'll be fully focused to put up 30 goals by the end of the season and get  drafted as early as possible." Lee said before the flight back to Ottawa.


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