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Tom Eagles


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We already have one Eagles in the league with netminder Greg Eagles lighting it up in the VHL but soon we may have another as Greg's Brother Tom is looking to get into the VHL. Rumour is that Tom has decided to join the VHL when he is eligible instead of the NHL.

Tom is currently a Defender in the junior leagues and is looking to make the jump into the VHL either next season or in 2 seasons. He is being touted as the next big defenseman to come into the league. When we spoke to Greg about his brother he only had good things to say.


" He has been working hard on his game and is a scoring defenseman who can also lay out punishing hits " Greg Said " I wish we both could have played together but he is to young. By the time he will get into the league I will be on my way out. Either way he will continue the Eagles tradition of winning in this league"

Tom is a towering defenseman that has intimidated other teams with his vicious hits but he is also known as putting in pucks into the net with his lethal slap shot.


" I am just trying to follow my brother into one of the best leagues in the world, I am working hard on my defensive game and hoping to light this league on fire " Says Tom " I am hoping to do well enough in the VHLM when I get here in about 2 seasons and then hoping to do something Greg didn't do and that is go in the first round. I know D might be a big hole to fill on a lot of teams in the next little while so it should be very interesting"

When asked what team he would like to play on the following was said


" I heard good things from Greg about Vancouver and Riga but to be honest I want to forge my destiny on my own team, I don't want to live in his shadow " Tom said " I would like to lead one of the expansion teams to a cup final, I think that would be pretty cool as you are pretty much writing history for those franchises. Warsaw comes to mind as I am polish and would love to represent the Polish team but to be honest ill be happy with any team that takes me. I want to compete and do the best that I can"

Time will tell where Tom will go in the draft and even if he will make the VHL and VHLM. Many scouts are saying that he will be a shoe in and should go top 5 in his draft year. We don't know what will happen but the Eagles name seems to have another promising player comming into the league.

Tom is expected to potentially either enter the VHLM in S74 or S75, most likely the latter as he still has some room for growth before entering the big leagues.


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