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Future VHL Netminder - Stone Fence


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Future VHL Netminder - Stone Fence


The Vantage Point Agency has announced its newest recruit, Stone Fence.  The agency currently owns the rights to Tyler Walker and has produced such players in the past as Ryan Sullivan, Ryan Sullivan Jr., Brick Wahl and Michael Angelo.  Today, they announced the youngest recruit in the agency’s history.


Stone Fence is a fourteen year old goaltender that currently plays for his local AAA team in Red Deer, Alberta.  He has drawn comparisons to Brick Wahl and other top netminders that have played in the Victory Hockey League.  In fact, he has already broken the under-16 record for most shutouts in a single season for the AAA team, which was previously held by Wahl.


Stone is a massive 6”3 netminder that weighs around 230 lbs.  His ability to move laterally is incredibly impressive and his rebound control has proven to be quite strong for his age group.  There is a good chance that he may continue to grow as tall as potentially 6”8.  The key to his game will be his development positionally as a man his size will need to combine his athletic ability with strong positional play.


So far this season, Fence has recorded nineteen wins to go with a 2.02 GAA and .931 SV% and seven shutouts.  One scout who has seen all of their games this season had this to say: “Stone is at another level compared to the other goalies in his age group.  In the under sixteen tournament where he played for Team Canada, he shut out all but the Russians, who scored a measly one goal against Fence off a double deflection.  The only concern I have with him is his positional play as he gets bigger.  It will be an adjustment for him but I have no doubts he can overcome any obstacle.”


The Vantage Point Agency announced this decision in a presser stating: “We are very proud to announce our newest recruit in Stone Fence.  He won’t be ready to go to the VHLM for at least four or five seasons, but we truly believe in this investment.  We are very proud to currently have Tyler Walker playing so well on the Malmo Nighthawks, and we hope Stone will follow in his footsteps.  Stone truly has the makings, in our opinion, to be a future Aidan Shaw Trophy winner.  We believe he has top goaltender potential and with his combination of size and skill, he truly sticks out among those in his age bracket.  Looking at current netminders like Grekkark Gyrfalcon and past ones like Brick Wahl, the implementation of their size and skill talent package, that is the kind of future we see for Stone Fence.”


Time will tell if Stone can become the goaltender that this agency projects, but he will certainly be one to watch as he grows into a more established player.

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1/10 For creativity of name. But as a continuation of your next character I hope it either does better or worse (depending if i have to play against or with you). Solid writing scheme and formatting is good. Short but flows well. Did not add any pictures soooooo



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