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McPuck: Future VHL Backup Goaler


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42 minutes ago, Tate said:



I really like the choice and placement of the render, and I'm not sure if you added an effect to the face/skin but the picture of him looks fantastic. It's very clear and crisp and really jumps off the page when I'm looking at him. I also quite like the background, the choice of color and placement around the render itself does a lot to separate the two and make the overall graphic pop. It's very nice to look at. I don't mind the choice of font itself, but it doesn't have the same effect as the rest of the graphic does and it's the only part of the graphic that I don't care for as much. I like where the font is placed, but it's the effect on it that's lacking only because it's more muted than the rest of the graphic. Overall, this is great work!



Appreciate the help, I’ll definitely give the font some extra love next time I’m making a graphic. 

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