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Future Player Builds I want to Try


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If Project Player 2 ever came back I would love to try some of the following player builds. Many of them would be way to risky to try otherwise, as I don't want to waste a player on a stupid build. Check out my insane ideas below:


I Don't Like Sand | Know Your Meme


Build One - Jedi Knight


I don't know if I would name this player Jedi Knight, Obi Wan, or any other Jedi name. But the point is this player would have a strong focus on the intangibles. I am talking 99 leadership and 99 discipline, the coaches would love this player because he would be a gritty team player who never takes a stupid penalty. Once those two traits were maxed I would add to defense as that is mostly positioning, and then strength because jedis use the force to be strong. I would not add to any other attribute, especially checking, as the jedi do not believe in violence. 


Build Two - 40 Skating


This one is quite simple, and one I am actually tempted to try to prove a point. If you have ever read my regression articles, I am of the opinion that skating is the most over rated attribute in the VHL. Ask any traditionalist, and they will tell you skating one of the most important attributes with no math to back it up, more just because. This player would make a build like normal, but instead focus on puck handling as the most important attribute instead of skating.


Build Three - Faceoff God


Faceoff God would only have one objective - win as many faceoffs as possible. I would like to have the best ever faceoff win percentage in the VHLM and the VHL. So I would get faceoffs to 99 followed by strength as that is a secondary factor in adding to faceoffs. After that I don't know what else I would add to, perhaps discipline so I never am off the ice for any faceoffs and leadership because why not. 


Build Four - Fourth Forward


The idea of Fourth Forward would be a defensemen who only focuses on offense. I would never put a single tpe into traditional defensemen attribute such as defense and checking. Instead I would max out my scoring, puck handling, etc and just be a 4th forward out there. The VHL is all about offense anyways, so I wonder how this would work out. Considering defense actually seems important in generating offense and is one of the most important stats, I am skeptical that this will work unfortunately. 


Build Five - Buff Beave


As you can imagine, 99 strength would be the first goal of this giant beauty. After that I would put my strength to good use with 99 checking and 99 skating so I could become a hitting machine like Zach Rinaldo, and be useless in all other facets of the game. Oh and also 99 fighting I suppose even though no one knows if fighting actually does anything. 

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