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Recent Missteps Prompt Improvement From Houston


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Houston, TX – A couple of blunders – losses to a Las Vegas team that has continued its run of excellence after flaming out of the playoffs last season – and the Houston Bulls find themselves just a point under a Miami team on a thirteen win streak.


“These last few days have been tough, but it’s a good indicator that we’ve still got room to improve,” a hopeful-looking Aloe Dear noted at a recent presser. “We need to respect the rest of the league and I’m hoping these last few losses will help us figure out what our weaknesses are. We’re definitely capable of defeating Las Vegas and Miami both, and we’ve done so earlier this season.”


Through 53 games, the Bulls are 3-3 against the Aces and 2-2 against the Marauders, suggesting there’s much more to the matchup than just a raw skill differential. Las Vegas has consistently played above their perceived talent – a credit to the recruiting and drafting skills of Aces GM Spartan – while Miami’s hot streak is demonstrative of their carefully-curated wealth of talent. A clear-cut favorite has been hard to come by this season, a departure from previous minor league expeditions where there are often one or two teams head-and-shoulders above the rest. Indeed, Miami has been excellent this season, but so have Houston and Ottawa – and no one would doubt many of the remaining playoff teams’ abilities to take games or even upset a series against the ‘top’ teams.

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