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(S75) C - Taro Tsujimoto, TPE: 80


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You exist! I believe your player's rights with the Sabres have expired, since they drafted you in 1974. That means you're free to sign with any VHLM team. (As an aside, it's amazing to look back and see what Punch Imlach did with the team back then, built a cup contender in 5 years. Compare that to the Sabres of now and get really sad.) 


The days of recreates joining a top team and coasting to a cup in their 1st season are over. If any of the top teams even make an offer to you, you'll likely be on the bottom line and you'll barely see the ice. My team, the Philadelphia Reapers are in the middle of a tight battle for the last playoff spot, which means you get to play in exciting, meaningful games and you'll have all the ice time you could dream of! Plus, I'm creating a Center, which means you get to put me in the awkward situation of deciding to play you or me on the first line. (Spoiler alert: it'd be you on the top line.)

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Hello Traitor,

The Hounds have a diverse history in hockey, hosting (possibly) the highest amount of Australian players of all time. By joining us we can expand into, I mean, diversify into an Asian player base. 
Also if you don’t sign with us Wang will put up 6 against David.

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5 hours ago, DoktorFunk said:

Gustav went full weeb smh. Anyway, you're welcome to join Ottawa


Took a look at standings and rosters and such; I said I'd go for a good combination of playing time and team success and this is how I'm following through on that. Sign me bb

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