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Berr thoughts 2


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Here's a couple of my thoughts as a VHLer, since I need the TPE.

  1. With the recent departure of Brewin and Bridges due to school, it makes me wonder how my activity will be affected since I have to go through first-year eng soon.
  2. Our Warsaw LR is pretty quiet to be fair I only have VAN to judge off of and that LR was pretty quiet too when I was just drafted. I wonder how the other Expansion teams are doing with their LRs since most teams only have 1 or 2 actives and a pool of prospects.
  3. My stats have fallen off. A week or two ago, I thought I could break the 80 or 85 point mark, but recently Su has started to fall off again. I don't know if its due to line changes that VAN loves to do, but both Su and VAN are looking like they'll have mediocre seasons at best.
  4. The point per game marker for a VHL season is not as impressive anymore. With expansion teams and league scoring point per game, players are now quite common and aren't going to wow anyone.
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