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[S73] A Red Guy has retired!


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Sad this phase of my VHL life is ending. Got some shoutouts for the boys:


@Esso2264 - Thank you for always pressing forward through so much of the shit we took, and doing a great job rolling with all the punches the team took. It was an honor to play for you bud.


@CowboyinAmerica @studentized - My S68 buddies, thanks for your continued efforts in building the great core our team has had throughout my career, it was a constant struggle but it would have been much tougher without you guys.


@Elmebeck - Rest in peace. :(


@TheFlash @rjfryman @Motzaburger @ColeMrtz - Thank you for coming onto the team more recently and helping us salvage this era of New York Americans hockey, I look forward to pushing for a cup with y'all one more time.


All my other current and former New York teammates - Thanks for being here and making this place always feel welcoming amidst the ups and downs.


@dlamb and the army of former New York AGMs - Thank you for all the great work you guys did/have done on the job, both for the team and for our master birb's sanity.


@OrbitingDeath - Thank you for setting the bar high for our draft class and giving everybody someone to chase after.


@Mr_Hatter - Thank you for being a great rival and a great member for the league. I look forward to watching the end of your Hall-of-Fame career.


Let's go win a cup Americans!


ARG out, Muffbeav in.




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